As a lawyer, Asima Azam should understand the most basic of tenants of election law – that all materials, including yard signs, must have a disclaimer disclosing who paid for it.

Yet, every day, Azam walks by the yard sign in front of her own house, ignoring this blatant violation of Florida Statute 106.143.

In fact, in an attempt to criticize Commissioner Robert Stuart, Azam told WESH 2 News: “There’s laws in place that govern campaigns and we’re all required to stick to them, myself included.”

Now, Azam could be facing fines for five dozen yard signs that don’t disclose who paid for them.

Over the weekend, 60 instances of yard signs without a disclaimer were photographed from Rosemont to Baldwin Park and every neighborhood in between.

It appears Azam is purposefully ignoring the law distributing non-compliant signs. Some signs in the district contain a disclaimer, but a startling number, including signs distributed at forums, do not.

“What became most bothersome as I have walked this district is that some signs include the disclaimer while others do not,” said, Robert Stuart, Jr. “This means that Azam and her campaign knowingly distributed and failed to correct illegal signs hoping nobody would notice.”

An election complaint has been filed with the Florida Elections Commission by Robert Stuart Jr. Under the statutes, a candidate can be fined up to $1,000 for each instance they violate Florida Statute 106.143.

“If she cares about the law, she needs to remove all of these signs that are a blatant violation.” Commissioner Stuart said. “Campaign disclosures are a tenant of keeping elections – and who is funding them – in the public eye. As a lawyer who is running for office, she should have ensured she was following the law before throwing stones.”


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