At the Rosemont candidate’s debate last night, Asima Azam used her supposed success with a “similar golf course in Apopka” as a record showing she could bring change to Rosemont’s Lake Orlando Golf Club.

Multiple times, she was critical of Commissioner Robert Stuart about the state of Lake Orlando Golf Course.

“These issues are not getting done,” Azam told the Rosemont audience. “If you have been working on issues that have plagued the community, and haven’t made a measurable impact that the citizens can see, you haven’t done a good job.”

However, inspection of the Rock Springs Ridge Golf Club, where she represents the homeowner’s association, shows a community on the verge of blight with no progress on their golf course problem and no solution in sight.

Rock Springs Ridge Golf Club closed in 2014, just a few months after Lake Orlando Golf Club closed.

Today, homes in Rock Springs Ridge have lost more than $100,000 in value. The golf course is abandoned with cart paths filled with cracks and overcome with weeds and plants standing taller than the course signage.

In fact, Rock Springs Ridge’s golf course is in the exact same condition as Lake Orlando’s. Either she’s not telling the truth about Rock Springs Ridge or not telling the truth about Commissioner Stuart.

“When we bought in this neighborhood, we were very proud of the golf course, with its rolling hills, lush grass and scenic views,” says Christine Bornstine, a resident of Rock Springs Ridge. “We keep hoping for a solution to this eyesore, but nothing changes.”

At the Rosemont forum, Azam said a solution was to develop the property with houses, even though, as she says: “I know the citizens don’t want that.”

“I’m praying they do not build behind my beautiful house,” Bornstine says of Rock Springs Ridge.

Commissioner Stuart has worked with multiple owners of Lake Orlando Golf Club to fix Lake Orlando. In each case, the financing from private owners for a project fell through.

“My opponent knows there is no easy fix to these golf course issues,” Stuart says. “To then criticize me about Lake Orlando when her record is one of failure, is simply misleading voters who are unfamiliar with her track record at Rock Springs Ridge.

“What was most appalling to me was that she was advocating against the wishes of her clients, by supporting building homes on Rock Springs Ridge,” Stuart says. “If she’s not listening to paying clients, how can potential constituents expect her to listen to them?”


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