November 8, 2017

Thank you for your support!

Before the day gets started, I just wanted to express my personal gratitude to each and everyone of you for your support during this campaign. Over the past nine months, we have tried to keep our focus on our community, what we have built and where we are going. We talked about both the tangibles and the intangibles…of community building …

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November 2, 2017

‘He’s working on it’… YES, he is!

He’s working on it… For months, my opponent has said over and again, “Robert always says he’s working on it. We need a commissioner who gets results.” My opponent is right; I AM working on it…and I’m getting results! While results never come as fast as any of us would like, I don’t make empty promises or change my story depending …

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October 31, 2017

Let’s talk issues: Keeping us all safe takes work!

Crime and safety is a top issue – and always has been for me! While my opponent is very good at talking about it, she isn’t offering any innovative solutions. Moreover, until she became a candidate, she had not even attended a Neighborhood Watch Group in her own neighborhood. Some of her proposals – collaborate with OPD, identify practices that …

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October 30, 2017

Campaign heats up… now the press is weighing in!

“Azam is getting quite adept at telling people what they want to hear and making promises she doesn’t seem intent on keeping. Whether that skill was developed as a lawyer or not, it’s not a good reputation to earn.” Peter Schorsch, Orlando Rising Editorial (10/30/2017) This morning, Orlando Rising published the following Opinion piece on this campaign. Candidly, at every …

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October 29, 2017

Thanks for your feedback!

Over the past few days, I have tried to share the reasons why I am running for re-election and some of what we have accomplished over the past few years. And, without asking, I have received scores of responses from friends and neighbors all over District 3. They have been so encouraging. So much so that I just want to …

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October 27, 2017

Let’s talk issues: Supporting Local Business

I love Orlando…and I know you do too. During the past few months, much of the work we have done together has been dismissed by my opponent. Yet, she has openly admitted her appreciation for the work of our council for the past 10 years and her excitement about the strides we are making. I agree with her- we have accomplished much…but …

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October 24, 2017

Let’s talk issues: Tackling homelessness with more than just words

Over the next two weeks, I want to share some of my personal thoughts with you about the issues of this campaign. Please take a moment and read about important issues that affect you each day. If you have read my opponent’s flyers, you would think that she is an expert on homelessness and poverty and has been for years. Unfortunately, …

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October 21, 2017

Opponent’s Fraud Complaint Rejected by FDOS

“As we knew, this was a fraudulent political attack meant to generate headlines, spreading lies because of sour grapes. Even though the City Council’s vote was unanimous, Mr. Rose has made me his target and my opponent has eagerly teamed up with him in an effort to slander my name.” – Robert Stuart

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October 17, 2017

Azam Caught Violating Election Law

As a lawyer, Asima Azam should understand the most basic of tenants of election law – that all materials, including yard signs, must have a disclaimer disclosing who paid for it. Yet, every day, Azam walks by the yard sign in front of her own house, ignoring this blatant violation of Florida Statute 106.143. In fact, in an attempt to …

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October 16, 2017

Asima Azam Misleads Voters on Her Golf Course of Failure– Touts Overgrown, Abandoned Apopka Golf Course as a Reason to Vote for Her

  At the Rosemont candidate’s debate last night, Asima Azam used her supposed success with a “similar golf course in Apopka” as a record showing she could bring change to Rosemont’s Lake Orlando Golf Club. Multiple times, she was critical of Commissioner Robert Stuart about the state of Lake Orlando Golf Course. “These issues are not getting done,” Azam told …

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