He’s working on it…

For months, my opponent has said over and again, “Robert always says he’s working on it. We need a commissioner who gets results.”

My opponent is right; I AM working on it…and I’m getting results!

While results never come as fast as any of us would like, I don’t make empty promises or change my story depending on my audience and I never give up working hard on the issues important to you.



For instance, I’ve been working toward the construction of a new Fire Station #9, serving northwest Orlando and the Rosemont area. OFD moved out of the old station, we acquired a location for a temporary station as well as land for a better, permanent location, and last month, we announced a new “state of the art” Fire Station #9 would be built in less than 18 months. It took time and teamwork, but we accomplished our goal.


Along Corrine Drive, I have been meeting with different resident groups and Orange County, who has jurisdiction over the road, for a long time looking for ways to make the road safer and more aesthetically appealing.

While Orlando wanted to move forward with looking for solutions, we needed the overlapping jurisdictions on board as well so our taxpayers weren’t bearing 100% of the burden for any future projects and maintenance costs. We asked our regional transportation partnership, MetroPlan, to head up a Complete Streets Study to study in what ways the corridor could be improved for all users and all modes of transportation.

It has been an exciting process, which allowed for much public input. They even received more than 1,700 survey responses. Now finished with Phase One, they are moving forward with all of the community input in mind to model different solutions that can then be refined with the help of the public.


Years ago, we surveyed our residents about what uses they would like at Trotters’ Park and Lake Fairview Park. Out of it a detailed Master Plan was created for the area that has been used as a guide as we identify funding to revitalize and program the parks.

At Trotter’s Park, we just cut the ribbon on a new bathroom, storage and concession stand facility for the current and future soccer fields to utilize.

I am also excited that we have earmarked capital dollars to begin the first phase of construction at Lake Fairview Park, which will include reopening the shoreline to the public, creating a lakeside picnic area, installing sidewalk paths down toward the water, and installing a new playground, which create more amenities for our residents. It took time, but the results will be worth the wait!


In College Park, when we saw vehicle crime increase a few years ago, I created Operation Lock It Up, based on a successful program in New York City, where officers get out of their cars and walk the streets of our neighborhoods encouraging residents to lock their vehicles and homes and secure their valuables. Vehicle crime went down and arrests went up. 

While my opponent thinks this program is not ‘cutting edge’ any more, every time our OPD performs a sweep, it gets officers into your neighborhoods, patrolling your streets while providing a good reminder for all of us to not get complacent in doing what we can to prevent crime.


After our residents along Lake Silver didn’t receive important lake information in a timely manner, I created Lake Alert as a way for constituents to sign up to receive real-time updates about any lake in our City. It has made notifications instant and provides important information for our constituents. It really came in handy following Hurricane Irma to relay updates to our residents about the more than 110 lakes in Orlando.


While the majority of the parks in Baldwin Park are owned by their Community Development District, the City owns Blue Jacket Park. When discussing our continued commitment to health and wellness, we chose Blue Jacket Park as the site of a new, state-of-the-art fitness area, which will provide a diverse array of exercise equipment, including push up bars, parallel bars, a climbing structure and much more. It is scheduled to be completed and ready to use in December.


When the Rosemont Community Center was built, there was no indoor gymnasium included in the plan. It has taken 12 years, hard work and keeping our eye on the prize, but I was so excited to announce that the $3 million has been secured (without the use of any general revenue dollars) for a new gymnasium and it will become a reality in 2018.


Projects like the construction and connectivity of our growing trail system takes time and perseverance, but I was so glad to work on the Orlando Urban Trail project and still remember walking in the inaugural 5k. And just a few months ago, biking along the Bumby path following its completion brought another piece of the puzzle into place.

While I don’t love driving on I-4 right now, I do love watching the Colonial Drive pedestrian overpass construction as it gets closer to completion every day.  And just a few weeks ago, we announced yet another trail project- the construction of a 8.25 mile “Bicycle Beltway” connecting Downtown with the Colonial/ Fashion Square area.


Making real progress does take time… but it also takes teamwork and dedication. That’s what being a commissioner is all about… building up our community, not dividing it.

Please know that I AM working on it and I hope you will allow me the privilege to keep working on it with you. I have the experience and relationships needed to keep us moving forward in the right direction. Please vote for Robert Stuart on November 7. (And, early voting is in progress now at the Supervisor of Elections office on Kaley Street).

Thank you,

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