Robert Stuart is a fixture in College Park, whether he’s welcoming guests to the latest community event or educating business owners on the best ways to deal with code enforcement. No matter the organization, chances are Robert is a part of it in some way. He does this not just because it’s his job, but because this is his neighborhood — the place where he grew up and the place he will never leave.

Is it true that you have lived in College Park your entire life?

Yes, it is … born and raised. I grew up on Gerda Terrace, at New Hampshire and Gerda. That’s where I lived until I went to college.

What was life like for the young Robert Stuart?

It was great. My dad bought the house we lived in because there was a vacant lot behind it, with the thought of selling the lot at some point to pay for a remodel of the front house. Before he knew it, the kids were all growing up and that became the playground for the community. He put in a basketball court, a shuffle board court, he brought in clay so  we had a baseball diamond, and we played football. If we weren’t there we were playing at the point at Lake Ivanhoe.

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