Neighbors, my wife Ann and I are praying that you and your family are safe and hopefully cool as we look back over the busy and often stressful initial recovery from Hurricane Irma.

Once again, as our city and region faced significant adversity, I am so proud of our ability to come together to help and support our families, friends, neighbors and even strangers.  This is what makes Orlando strong – our sense and love of community that can turn back hate and overcome even the worst natural disasters.

In the last week I have seen and experienced this resilience first hand. From helping with downed power lines, removing trees, clearing debris filled yards to greeting neighbors with bags of ice or bottled water,  these events remind us of what we can achieve and overcome together. I am grateful for how many of you have reached out with concerns and questions during this time and I have been honored to work alongside our amazing city staff and the leadership of OUC to facilitate restoration of power to your homes, clearing of roadways, and providing necessary services.

If you still need assistance in this time of need, the city created a special place for Hurricane Irma info at or you can also call our citizen information line at 407-246-HELP (4357). Additional resources are the OUC Customer Service (407-423-9018), OPD Non-Emergency (321-235-5300) and OFD Non-Emergency (321-235-5200).

One of the major difference between the hurricanes we endured in 2004 and Irma is our collective reliance on smart phones and devices that provide access to information at a much faster clip.  Sometimes when power fails, that information might not be at our fingertips.  I know how unnerving it is to be unable to reach those who can most help in a time of need, so please continue to call our city’s Information Line as you need a question answered or are looking for information.

I am so thrilled, but not surprised, by our community’s response…it makes me so proud to be a lifelong Orlandoan and to represent you on the City Council.

If I or your District 3 staff can help, please don’t hesitate to call us at 407-246-2003, and you can reach me directly at 407-428-7360.

In your service,

Robert Stuart

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