If you are a property owner in the city of Orlando, you know that every summer you receive a TRIM (truth in millage) notice, which outlines what your anticipated rates will be for each jurisdiction that levies taxes on your property.

In the City Beautiful, that means you pay taxes to Orlando, Orange County and the St. John’s River Water Management District. And then you pay local and state school taxes, as well as an Orange County library tax.

The largest portion of your taxes, about 40 percent, goes to educate the leaders of tomorrow.

The city of Orlando receives about 34 percent of your tax dollars, with almost all of that going toward keeping our residents as safe as we can through top-notch police and fire protection.

But what else? Where do your city tax dollars go?

I want to highlight a small but important program that has assisted many small businesses in improving the exteriors of their buildings through new lighting, street-scaping, landscaping, signage, awnings, cleaning, painting, new windows and more.

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