Safe Neighborhoods & Schools

safe schools - Vote Robert Stuart
  • Spearheaded Recession Recovery helping facilitate Orlando fast recovery by suspending collection of fees to help small business


  • Advocated for Pandemic Recovery by suspending fees, delaying any penalties for businesses impacted, and creating outdoor dining and parklets expansion for restaurants


  • Façade Grants for small businesses in more than $700,000 to more than 60 District 3 businesses


  • Supported Orlando Main Streets that created 104 new business and 890 new jobs in Orlando in 2019 (last reporting year)


  • Created Graffiti Hotline for immediate and accurate reporting of graffiti in our neighborhoods
  • Invested $1.5M in District 3 Main Streets (College Park, Audubon Park Garden District, Ivanhoe Village) since inception in 2009


  • Invested $150,000 in District Main Streets (College Park, Audubon Park Garden District, Ivanhoe Village) annually


  • In 2019 District 3 Main Street Districts opened 42 new businesses, 327 new jobs (last annual reporting period)


  • Supported “Living Wage” for city employees and policies by moving minimum wage to $15/hr for city employees and requiring city vendors to follow suit.


  • Supported WMBE (Women-owned, Minority owned Business Enterprise) contracts to help women and minority owned businesses

Our Accomplishments

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